Synbiotics Supporting Liver Function – New Discovery & Patent


Health Food Symmetry Ltd is delighted to announce filing of a provisional patent application to protect Kfibre-based synbiotic treatment for Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD).

Health Food Symmetry Ltd is an Australian based provider of high-level science supported nutraceuticals with its world first sugar reduced, Virgin Sugarcane Prebiotics – Kfibre.

Dr Tanvi Shinde (PhD), Senior Scientific Officer at HFS commented on the excellent NAFLD case study results:

“We are very excited about the extraordinary results of the case study trial by Nutritionist Marissa Pilla reporting exciting results of Kfibre-based synbiotic in NAFLD patients.

A Kfibre-based synbiotic treatment demonstrated significant reductions of elevated NAFLD biomarkers, down to normalised range in all patients (specifically GGT Liver enzyme levels). Given there are currently no FDA approved drugs to treat NAFLD, these results represent profound value. The microbiome-modulating Kfibre-based synbiotic may prove to be a promising path forward towards dietary management of metabolic conditions”

The patent relates to NAFLD, a condition in which excess fat builds up in your liver. The prevalence of NAFLD is 80-90% in obese adults, 30-50% in patients with diabetes and up to 90% in patients with hyperlipidaemia. NAFLD is a multi-system liver disease and increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and chronic kidney diseases. “Western Dietary Pattern” is closely associated with increasing risk of NAFLD.

Gordon Edwards, the CEO of HFS, also commented on the new research & Intellectual Property submission.

“This patent submission represents a great addition to Health Food Symmetry’s Intellectual Property holdings and another proud achievement for our researchers and our clinician network. This discovery provides a window into a future where Kfibre-synbiotics may have a genuine impact on human health conditions such as – obesity, Type II diabetes, and liver disease. We look forward to converting this research and IP into ingredients for licensing and expansion of Health Food Symmetry’s own Kfibre Pro range of gut health products.

About Health Food Symmetry Ltd

Health Food Symmetry Ltd is an Australian based provider of high-level science supported nutraceuticals with its world first sugar reduced, whole plant “Virgin Sugarcane Prebiotics”

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