The World’s Best Digital Marketing & PR Agency among 10 firms: Alexander PR Group by Marie Alexander


    SINGAPORE, Oct. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Marie Alexander of Alexander PR Group ( — the World’s Best Digital Marketing & PR Agency among 10 firms — is featured on the cover of US business magazine InsightsuccessOctober 2022 issue. After being approached in 2020, founder-executive director Marie Alexander finally said “yes” this year and the issue was released today.

    The World's Best Digital Marketing & PR Agency among 10 firms: Alexander PR Group by Marie Alexander
    The World’s Best Digital Marketing & PR Agency among 10 firms: Alexander PR Group by Marie Alexander

    Marie has mastered digital marketing, public relations, advertising, events, and international entertainment brokering in 18 years of sheer dedication and determination. In that time, the marketing and PR professional has also directed 13,000 shoots and 150 PR campaigns and events, as well as gained 250,000 followers on Instagram (IG @mariealexander007). She has also received 12 other international marketing and PR awards from Switzerland, London, Portugal, and Asia, and is a triathlete with 27 triathlon medals since the age of 10.

    The World's Best Digital Marketing & PR Agency among 10 firms: Alexander PR Group by Marie Alexander (IG @mariealexander007)
    The World’s Best Digital Marketing & PR Agency among 10 firms: Alexander PR Group by Marie Alexander (IG @mariealexander007)

    Beating companies across the world to take the top two digital marketing & PR awards

    At the inaugural 2022 Davos Digital PR Awards in Switzerland, Alexander PR Group beat American, European & Asian companies to take the top two awards. The World Communication Forum Association announced the winners via Zoom on 11 January 2022 at an exclusive virtual award ceremony. Entries came from 57 countries, including Armenia, Brazil, Canada, Estonia, Italy, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

    Alexander PR Group not only won the Silver Award but also received the award for Best Digital PR Company, making it the world’s best, and Marie won as Digital Marketing Guru of 2021.

    The awards were based on engaging digital campaigns Marie produced for leading Singapore, Asian, and American companies between 2020 and 2021. Following that, she was invited to participate in the judging panel for the 2022 Davos Communication Awards, in June, which recognises outstanding work in public relations and communications worldwide. “We are now one of the World’s Best 10 Digital Marketing & PR Agencies, thanks to this recognition,” says Marie.

    A Unique Persona 

    Psychology states that the first 12 years of a person’s life represent their childhood to adulthood. That’s true. From the age of 6, Marie’s alpha parents, Peter Ng and Adeline Low, nurtured her to the best of their abilities and put her through rigorous discipline training and tests. According to Marie, “I am the creation of an alpha male and alpha female working together to develop the confidence and future success of their child.” 

    Her father taught her sportsmanship, discipline, order, humility, and kindness, and her mother taught her love, friendship, compassion, and respect. In addition to having a distinction in design, her father was a military marksman, an exceptional athlete, and a known media design and art director.

    “Being an ENFJ-A and a Pisces, I make choices all the time with the know-how and understanding of the traits of the 12 zodiac signs,” adds Marie. An ENFJ is extroverted, intuitive, feels, and judges objectively. The individuals in this category are warm and forthright, love helping others, and have strong values and ideas. To accomplish their goals, they back their perspective with creative energy. Assertive protagonist is the meaning of the A at the end of ENFJ-A. According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), an ENFJ-A is said to be the strongest people person and the most powerful personality. 

    Biggest Clients & Most Successful Campaign 

    After a successful marketing campaign and promotion, Alexander PR Group’s biggest PR campaign for one F&B brand scored 18 million views worldwide and a huge profit. Another of Marie’s most successful clients, who prefers to remain anonymous, owns more than 100 F&B operations and is an investor in multiple retail divisions.

    She continues to craft lucrative marketing and PR campaigns across sectors such as F&B, retail, healthcare, wellness, and finance for him.

    Collaborations with the World’s Leading Celebrities, including the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, P. Diddy, Kevin Hart, and Busta Rhymes

    The World's Best Digital Marketing & PR Agency among 10 firms: Alexander PR Group by Marie Alexander (IG @mariealexander007)
    The World’s Best Digital Marketing & PR Agency among 10 firms: Alexander PR Group by Marie Alexander (IG @mariealexander007)

    “In 2017, as a worldwide entertainment broker, I flew Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ manager from the US to Singapore to meet with a client,” says Marie. “Within a month, I was invited by Diddy, Busta Rhymes, and Kevin Hart to a music and movie launch party in Los Angeles. While in LA, I also met with leading entertainment companies that represent the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, and other leading US celebrities and athletes.” 

    Alexander PR Group has been affiliated with celebrities and athletes in the United States, Singapore, Europe, and Asia-Pacific since then.

    Marie has a great deal of respect for Kim Kardashian in particular. “A leading global influencer in this age of social media, she is one of the most outstanding role models when it comes to doing good. She is also an aspiring lawyer. My mum always wanted me to be a lawyer, so I see her as an inspiration. I also met Paris Hilton’s management team and found the hotel heiress extraordinary and sincere.

    P. Diddy is one of the most gifted artists in the world and a trendsetter; I listen to all of his songs on repeat. I also find Kevin Hart’s movies adorable and entertaining. He’s an extremely entertaining comedian. I felt extremely welcomed in his presence and was taken care of by his amazing rapper friend Busta Rhymes. Kevin and Diddy hosted an all-star weekend in Academy, LA, that was exciting, fun, and memorable. Later, we attended another movie launch with Busta Rhymes.

    “Although I have close relationships with many powerful celebrities and their management, I chose to highlight the ones I have mentioned here because of their outstanding qualities that I strive to emulate every day. I look forward to working with all of them soon.”

    Career Specialisations: B2B & B2C Expert

    The best way to describe Marie Alexander is that she is a digital marketing champion, a creative director and a designer of distinction of above the line (ATL) and below the line (BTL) creatives, as well as an expert in social media.

    Along with being an international creative director, model and host, Marie has gained a strong following on Instagram & her website through her own #mariealexander007 campaign. The views come from countries such as the United States (especially NYC), the United Kingdom (London), Italy (Milan), France (Paris), Switzerland, Brazil (Sao Paulo), Japan, Korea, Singapore, and the rest of APAC.

    “I have studied B2B and B2C insights into most lifestyle and luxury businesses, and my cutting-edge marketing and advertising strategies have guided most businesses to increased awareness and profits. I enjoy working with the following lifestyle sectors most: Finance, Technology, Medical, Healthcare, Wellness, Sports, Automotive, Beauty, Fashion, F&B, Hospitality, and Travel.

    Plans for 2022 & Beyond

    “I envision partnering with B2C & B2B businesses in cities all over the world such as US (New York), UK (London), Italy (Milan), France (Paris) Brazil (Sao Paulo), Switzerland, Monte Carlo, Singapore, Japan & Korea, with businesses that want to grow as much as I do.

    “I am looking forward to working with empathetic and inspiring global entrepreneurs for the long term. As an international creative director, PR director, model, health and sports professional, and luxury race car enthusiast, I also enjoy working with B2B and B2C companies in the Finance, Technology, Automotive, Medical, Health & Wellness, and Sports and Luxury Lifestyle sectors to ensure their success in the future.”

    “Alexander PR Group can support them with the best innovative, creative and financial strategies.”

    Exemplary Sportsmanship: Marie’s Core

    “Being a triathlete, javelin champion, and marksman, I know exemplary sportsmanship is derived from discipline, concentration, championships, and victories,” says Marie who ran track when she was young. “While I was a swimming champion and team captain at East One Cluster School, I beat my rivals four times every year in secondary school, from the age of 14. I earned gold, silver, and bronze certificates when I was 11, and was offered a Goldstar, but declined since I had to leap from a board 6m to 20m high.”

    She also excelled in running long- and short-distance, the javelin, and was an outstanding captain of her school’s swim team.

    Additionally, she is a triathlete who excels in any sport she chooses. Recently, Marie tried F1 go-karting and drove Fernando Alonso’s FIA-approved advanced signature kart. “As all F1 drivers are triathletes, it was natural of me to try race car ‘driving’. It was exhilarating and fun.”  

    Marie is also an expert multi-tasker who manages multiple teams while maintaining a high-level performance rating among clients. “In my business relationships, trust is crucial and should be mutual. It is important to me that the different company teams I work with share a clear understanding of their company’s goals and the strategies and events I develop to help them all achieve success.”

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