Cherishing the Earth through What You Eat: Silks Hotel Group Introduces Locally Sourced, Seasonal, and Sustainable Dining with a Range of Year-End Banquet Packages


    TAIPEI, Dec. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As the year draws to a close and the peak season for company year-end banquets kicks off, Silks Hotel Group is actively promoting sustainability goals within the banquets sector. The group has meticulously designed and launched year-end banquet packages centered around a "sustainable" themed meal plan and design. The package includes offerings from its hotels, including Regent Taipei, Silks Place Tainan, Silks Place Taroko, and Wellspring by Silks Jiaoxi, with each dish complying with principles of being local, seasonal, and fresh. We invite colleagues from all over to gather, enjoy delectable food, and actively contribute to CRS (Corporate Social Responsibility) and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) efforts. Let’s continue to work together towards sustainable goals of coexistence, mutual prosperity, and the common good for our future.

    Regent Taipei adheres to the principles of local, seasonal, and environmentally friendly banquets that aim to reduce food miles.
    Regent Taipei adheres to the principles of local, seasonal, and environmentally friendly banquets that aim to reduce food miles.

    Regent Taipei, which recently joined EarthCheck, a global sustainable tourism certification organization, and became the organization’s first five-star hotel member in Taiwan, is offering a Chinese-style year-end banquet available until March 31st, 2024, starting at NT$25,800 per table for 10 people. The menu emphasizes local and seasonal ingredients, featuring 10 popular dishes including the classic "Regent’s Appetizer Set" which features Pingxi’s mountain yam, free-range eggs from Qingchang Ranch, local Taiwanese sea bream, and other locally sourced ingredients. The banquet also includes the indispensable soup "Buddha Jumps Over the Wall with Fresh Abalone," made with the highest quality angelica and abalone from Hualien County, as well as a pumpkin soup enriched with scallops to capture the ultimate flavor.

    Silks Place Tainan is deeply rooted in the local community and actively promotes sustainable tourism of environmental protection and revitalization of local attractions. This year, the hotel is implementing green initiatives to minimize carbon emissions for its rendition of its year-end

    banquet. Embracing a minimalist and paperless sustainability approach, the hotel places a strong emphasis on connecting consumers with locally sourced produce, collaborating closely with local farmers to supply fresh ingredients directly farm to table. The banquet menu features locally sourced delicacies including tender goose meat from the Xiaying District combined with sweet salad bamboo shoots from the Longxi District as an appetizer, and a flavorful stewed chicken soup crafted with sweet Guanmiao pineapple and water chestnuts known as "Guantian Black Gold," among others. Additionally, there is a sweet soup featuring a blend of sweet potatoes, red dates, and longan as a refreshing post-dinner sweet ending. The banquet is available for groups of ten or more, starting at NT$13,000 per table. Furthermore, the hotel in line with the spirit of "food-saving," collaborates with local food banks by extending its gourmet dishes to disadvantaged communities, not only reducing waste but also contributing to sustainable food practices and social welfare.

    Silks Place Taroko, providing a one-stop solution for employee travel and year-end gatherings, is launching the "Sustainable Year-End Banquet and Spring Party Package" from now until March 31st, 2024. Groups reserving 8 rooms or more are eligible for discounted rates starting from NT$10,600 per room for Garden View Rooms with banquet packages starting from NT$12,800 per table. Guests opting for this package can enjoy a variety of specialty dishes made with locally sourced ingredients, including "Makauy Crispy Duck," "Scallion and Lemon Fish," "Warrior Soup," and more. To reduce food mileage, the hotel also incorporates plants from its Herb Garden into its desserts, such as incorporating self-cultivated crushed marigold into macaron shells, infusing hibiscus into cheese cake for a sweet and sour flavor, adding honey from Yunlin in nut tarts, or creating unique cakes made from Jinxuan tea from Wuhe, Hualien. Each creation promises a unique aroma and a memorable dining experience.

    Wellsprings by Silks Jiaoxi introduces the "Travel Year-End Banquet" package tailored for corporate outings, featuring a variety of delectable delights based on the "zero food mileage" concept. The package features the all-you-can-eat "Hot Spring Tomato Sukiyaki" banquet which was honored with the 2023 Yilan Jinghao TOP10 Food Award. The banquet can be reserved for groups of 15 or more from January 1st to March 15th, 2024, and is priced at NT$980 per person. The sukiyaki broth, made with seasonal Jiaoxi hot spring tomatoes and black persimmon tomatoes, is uniquely flavored with Yilan’s distinctive red rice wine, creating a delightful sweet and sour taste. In order to support the local small farmers, the hot pot also features Yilan’s local Kbalan pork and pork belly, along with Jiaoxi’s unique hot spring vegetables, Sanxing scallion, Datong highland napa cabbage, Nan’ao shiitake mushrooms, and other seasonal vegetables. By incorporating these sustainable practices into banquets, we hope to offer consumers with more delicious yet sustainable and environmentally conscious dining options.

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    Wellspring by Silks Jiaoxi: No. 67, Wenquan Rd, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County / Tel: (03) 910 0008

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