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Blog Chicks is an online magazine website on lifestyle matters, travel and fashion for the discerning blog reader on the web. The site also features all things from health, fitness, home & garden matters right through to tips on selecting an accountant. Something for everyone. 

In November, they commenced featuring their favoured financial service providers and this month they featured Propell, an Australian based fintech, helping SME’s to run and grow their business with payments, lending and cash flow products. 

They are different to other SME finance businesses because they aim to help small businesses take a holistic approach to their cash flow and finances. They help them understand their financial position a little better, to assist them make the right choices for financial products that suite them.

Every Propell customer starts their journey with a Business Pulse health check. The Propell AI analyses your financial information (which they use to assess your business) but present it back to you so you can see a tailored snapshot and health check on your business and give you insights into how you can maintain or improve your business health.

Learn more about Propell and how they solve finance for small businesses intelligently by visiting their website here: https://propellme.com.au

Diane Muller, founder and content editor of Blog Chicks said this in her interview with Eleven Media, “We have been experiencing great growth in visitors to our online magazine over recent years. We have listened to the feedback survey from our website visitors as to the content and experience they seek. We have seen the importance of also staying at the leading edge of technology to keep in touch with our clients the way they expect and to communicate in the best way possible the array of information we provide to our website visitors.”

The blog has been in operation for over 10 years and is committed to meet client needs both in the information they provided readers and technology they use. The leading Australian online lifestyle magazine has a long history of regularly featuring Australian industry sectors and companies.

Learn more about Blog Chicks and their array of lifestyle blogging features via their website here: https://blogchicks.com.au/

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Blog Chicks is am online lifestyle magazine and leading Australian online lifestyle magazine site for the discerning reader on the web, on all things from health, fitness, home and garden matters right through to tips for selecting a business coach or cosmetic dentist. Something for everyone.

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