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Undoubtedly, breaking into the media was one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do in my career. At the time I started to write, I promised my dying mentor, Harvey Cohen that I would get in the New York Times someday – a very bold promise for someone who was just published on an Ezine site.

As I began to get recognized for my work, I soon learned the power of the media and how exactly to harness it for business leverage. This is something that many people fail to do.

Bringing It Back to the Website

If I have an article in Forbes or am quoted in AOL, etc. only a few thousand people will see that article – 5k at most per article in the 1st month. While this may seem high to some, the odds of a big decision maker finding this article and, subsequently wanting to pay my company a $15,000 recruiting fee carries much worse odds than playing the house at a casino.

However, since it is so difficult to get into major media, quotes, articles, etc. can provide a return on investment if they are used properly by the business owner and displayed on the website in order to display their expertise in their respective field.

Media is only powerful for the business owner if the business owner does his or her part to leverage the recognition, though never rely on it as a sole driver for clients to sign on with their company.

Another advantageous way to bring back the media to your website in order to leverage potential clients finding you through the search engines as links back to one’s website from major media sources will make Google, Bing, etc. more confident in ranking your company’s website in what are known as the Search Engine Ranking Page or “SERPs.”

Are PR Representatives Needed?

For the most part, PR representatives are not needed because the client of their firms don’t give them enough to work with and, in conjunction with that 95% of the media recognition I’ve received has not been due to a press release.

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