Social Enterprise Research Academy (SERA) Holds the 2020-23 Inauguration Ceremony


    HONG KONG, Nov. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The inauguration ceremony of the Social Enterprise Research Academy (SERA) 2020-23 Committee Board was held on November 22 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. Mr. Gustavo Berlanga, Pioneer of the UN Global Compact and Honorary President of SERA, gave a welcome speech virtually to kick start the Ceremony. In his speech, he expressed his vision that SERA leaders from all walks of life will continue to promote the six principles of the Social Caring Pledge Scheme through its international platform and to live out the SERA spirit of social caring and mutual support across sectors.

    (From left to right) Ms. Lesley Mak, Mr. Coman Chan, Mr. Derek Wu, Mr. Law Ping Kwan, Dr. Ng Tai Wing Desmond, Mr. Wong Wai Hung MH, JP, Prof. Yeung Sheung Kit Raymond, Prof. Fu Hoo Kin Frank BBS, MH, JP, Mr. Chau Yiu Cheung Terence, Dr. Rizwan Ullah
    (From left to right) Ms. Lesley Mak, Mr. Coman Chan, Mr. Derek Wu, Mr. Law Ping Kwan, Dr. Ng Tai Wing Desmond, Mr. Wong Wai Hung MH, JP, Prof. Yeung Sheung Kit Raymond, Prof. Fu Hoo Kin Frank BBS, MH, JP, Mr. Chau Yiu Cheung Terence, Dr. Rizwan Ullah

    The new committee members come from different sectors of society. They have made significant contributions to Hong Kong in their respective professional fields, benefiting all areas of society including sports, conservation, social services, charity, finance, industry and commerce, scientific research, education, medical and public health, law, culture, youth work, women’s affairs, racial harmony, freight and meat, etc.

    This year’s inauguration ceremony was hosted by Mr. Wong Wai Hung MH, JP, who is SERA Honorary Chancellor and also the Chairman and CEO (Asia Pacific) of Centaline Property Agency Ltd, to witness the new committee members joining the Board:


    Ms. Vivian Kong OLY

    ●  HK 1st World Ranked No.1 Fencer

    ●  Senior Fellow, Social Enterprise Research Academy

    Honorary Vice Chancellor:

    Mr. Law Ping Kwan

    ●  Vice President of Hong Kong Construction Subcontractors Association

    Dr. Ng Tai Wing Desmond

    ●  Director, Pok Oi Hospital

    ●  Chairman, EC InfoTech

    Ms. Wan Man Wai Rowena

    ●  Director, The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society Kowloon

    ●  Director, China Yinsheng International Securities

    Prof. Yeung Sheung Kit

    ●  Director, Seligent Limited

    Mrs. Fong Liu Show May MH

    ●  Former Director, Po Leung Kuk

    ●  Chairman, Hong Kong China Foundation

    Mr. Leung Yiu Lam Paul MH

    ●  Elected Director, Travel Industry Council of HK

    ●  Chairman, HK Inbound Travel Association

    Dr. Lau Yun Cheung

    ●  Director, Chu Kong Shipping Enterprises Holding

    Dr. Shum Yeung

    ●  Chairman, E IN International Group

    Honorary Advisor

    Mr. Pang Siu Hin MH

    ●  Founder, Hin Sang Group

    ●  Former Board Chairman, Pok Oi Hospital

    Dr. Lo Tai Chin MH

    ●  Chairman, International Association of Chinese Traders

    ●  Former Chairperson, Yan Oi Tong

    Mr. Simon Ka Wo Wong BBS JP

    ●  Chairman, Kampery Group Founder, GreenDotDot Group

    Industry Advisor

    Mr. Hui Wai Kin

    ●  Founder of Yip Hing Meat Co.

    Mr. Jimmy Chiu

    ●  Executive Director, Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power

    ●  Founding Chair of Charm Net Company Limited

    Prof. Wong Wang Keung

    ●  Associate Professor, Division of Life Science oh Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

    Mr. Sze Kwan Yik Louis

    ●  Director, Business Development & Molecular Diagnostic, Biotype Asia Pacific Ltd

    Mr. Wesley Wong

    ●  CEO, ACT Solutions Ltd

    Mr. Wayne Chan

    ●  Director of Savills Project Consultancy Ltd

    Dr. Henry Ko

    ●  Managing Director of Flexport Asia Limited

    Honorary Directors

    Ms. Lesley Mak

    ●  Director, Mak Man Kee Noodle Shop Limited

    Mr. Coman Chan

    ●  Group Managing Director, Fly Up Carnival (Hong Kong ) Company Ltd

    Mr. Andy Chan

    ●  Director, Kintat Engineerings Co Ltd

    Ms. Hui Wing Man Vivian

    ●  Lawyer

    Mr. Ng Sze Lok Kenny

    ●  Director, Credit Suisse AG

    Mr. Yu Man Wang, Simon

    ●  President, Arrow Asia Pac Limited

    Executive Chancellor:

    Prof. Fu Hoo Kin Frank BBS, MH, JP

    Awarded Professor Emeritus by Hong Kong Baptist University

    Executive Vice Chancellor:

    Dr. Rizwan Ullah

    ●  Member of Equal Opportunities Commission

    ●  Member of Youth Development Commission

    Mr. Chau Yiu Cheung Terence

    ●  Founder & CEO of Austreme

    ●  Chairman of Acqra

    Mr. Derek Wu

    ●  CEO of Impression Lighting Limited

    Dr. Man Chun Sing Matthew

    ●  President and CEO of Megasoft Ltd.

    Mr. Kenny Kong

    ●  CEO & Founder of Kool Limited

    Mr. Lee Tarn Siong, Amous

    ●  CEO & Founder of FM Investment HK Limited

    Ms. Joyce Lee

    ●  Executive Director of Sze Wo Chaan Gas Co. Ltd.

    Mr. Patrick Ng

    ●  Founder of Shining Partners

    ●  Director of HK Courier & Logistics Operators’ Association

    About Social Enterprise Research Academy

    Social Enterprise Research Academy (SERA) established in 2014. With the mission statement of “Harness the Market to Bring Social Caring”, SERA aims to create a cross-sectoral platform with business, academia, social and political sectors to foster communications and to gather sustainability elites from various industries into one unparalleled high-value networking platform that foster social responsibility and sustainable development in Asian communities. SERA has united more than 10,000 business leaders and organizations via hosting international summits with world-class speakers and our presence is extending to 13 cities.

    SERA  is dedicated to the continual social responsibility, development, promotion and application of Social Caring Pledge Framework and the 6 principles, to broaden the international perspective of industry leaders and give back to our society.(